We care about the Earth

Technology is a sword with two blades, it can simply go two directions of improve or harm the environment of Earth. Along with the development of modern technology, we human beings has created overwhelmed damage to the environment, Fahrentec sees and bears this responsibility, and is passionate to make the change from itself through encouraging and providing more Eco-friendly options in ice making applications.

Fahrentec encourages the selecting of R404A refrigerant gas, R404A is available here in Fahrentec, and yet it is treated differently here than elsewhere. Fahrentec provides R404A system in the same price as the R22 system by cutting off its own profit, this is rather a long-term investment than a short-sighted profit lose as Fahrentec is keen to be label as Eco-friendly, we believe the change is from here, and we have the chance to make it happen.

Besides the Eco-friendly gas, Fahrentec also utilizes various technologies to minimize the cost of Earth in ice making business. It developed efficient ice making machines, uses recycle materials and clears the Carbon footprints of its every staff in daily work and life.

Please join us and feel free to share your Carbon-reducing ideas at Eco@fahrentec-corp.com