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Thumbnail Video URL Description Fahrentec marine flake ice machine for testing Fahrentec 40T daily large industrial flake ice machine during test, Hanbell screw compressor, water cooling specially designed for snow making project in ski-resort of Southern China. Fahrentec full package snow making system installed at indoor ski-dome on Qinling Mountain National Reserve Park, twin 15T flake ice makers plus one unit of F30E snow blower is responsible of producing 60cubic meters of high quality fresh snow daily Fahrentec FIF030M marine ice machine, 3000kgs daily capacity, all SUS316 frame , evaporator, control box. Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, custom made titanium shell and tube marine condenser, split design allows separate installation of ice making drum over deck and the compressor unit inside engine room Fahrentec FIF020 FIF030 freshwater flake ice machine, built to comply the UL certification. Installed at fish process factory on the side of Mississippi River Kentukey state. Professional desgined newest model of marine ice machine, patented technology and full SUS316 evaporator built to marine standard. Fahrentec 5ton air cooled flake ice machine, Bitzer compressor, stainless steel frame, Schneider electric control. Fahrentec 2 sets of 20ton daily flake ice machines with twin GEA Bock comprsesors, SUS304 flake ice evaporator, Taiwan gongji speed reducer, split design type.