Secured Quality

Fahrentec utilizes the most advanced technology and machineries to materialize the highest standard quality.

X-ray detecting

Is one of its standard processes in all pressure vessels manufacturing. Including tube ice evaporators, flake ice evaporators and liquid receivers, condensers all have gone throw this process, and come with the pressure vessel certification issued by the Chinese National Product Quality and Safety Bureau.

In components selecting, we only choose the best quality products from world renowned companies, for:

1. Proven quality by customers in the history.
2. Convenient aftersales services around the world.

These two mean factors are the assets customers will get when they purchase any unit of Fahrentec ice processing equipment.

We also provide the complete list of spares that can protect your machine for 10 years normal operating. Customers do not need to wait for the parts for replacement through long distance and period freight; the damage of potential bug is covered and limited to minimum.