Fahrentec is constructing snow and ice system for Mt. Cuihua Ski-field in Xi


After series of case study, meeting, and plant visiting, Fahrentec has gained his role in Mt. Cuihua Ski-field for replacing its old snow making system with Fahrentec FIFA300 automatic flake ice machines and FE30 snow machines.


This is an unique opportunity which provides all year man-made snow at alpine out door ski-field. Project is led by Mr. Wang(the GM of Xi’an Zhongnan tourism Co., Ltd). “This is the first all year alpine ski-ramp in China, it contributes uniqueness, leadership to Xi’an Zhongnan tourism Co., Ltd. Locating right inside the Mt. Cuihua’s UNESCO GEOPARK, perfectly presents joy and scenic to tourists” the GM said.


Project overview:




Mt. Cuihua Ski Resort Xi’An China

    Approximate snow cover area

10,000 square metres

    Facility operating temperature

0 degrees Celsius controlled Year round by AC                                                          

    Snow depth in facility  


    Preopening snow requirement

1500 cubic metres

    Water Converted to snow daily 

30,000 litres

    Maximum daily snow production cubic metres    

60 cubic metres at a density of 0.5

    Days for Initial Snow Production To open   

25 days at maximum capacity

    Weekly Snow Coverage Available

    after Opening for use or storage 

420 Cubic Metres


FMt. Cuihua ski field uses fahrentec flake ice machineahrentec is responsible for suppling 3 units of FIFA100 10Ton daily automatic flake ice machines. The ice making plant is installed on the side of 900M ski-ramp mid-way. It produces 30T of fresh flake ice every day for the snow making, two units of Fahrentec FE30 snow machines will transform the flake ice to top quality snow. Cost of complete project is controlled within 1 Million USD. Equipment will be installed by 7th Nov 2013. The ski-field will be open to public on 1st Dec after ice machine test, and snow making for 15 days.


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