Personalized design

Each FahrentecTM ice machine product is given characteristic for perfect matching customers’ needs while presenting high performance/ cost ratio. We have been concentrating at the below three aspects consistently since the beginning of FahrentecTM’s explore.

Real needs

Every client has got unique needs even when they mainly acquire very similar ice machines, for example, capacity can be different to set standard as the client might be facing different end users of ice or different end uses. Here, we no longer only stick to the set models, we custom make our machine in order to fit your feet in our shoes.

Actual situation

And yet, clients are basically come from all types of backgrounds. Size of available room, height, power supply, ice storage capacity, working location, water quality and working temperature all these factors can dramatically affect your ice machine, and these factors put extra difficulties on your decision making. Thus, we will help you to reshape your ice machine with these information, to make sure it works perfectly in your workshop.

Available Budget

Finally, FahrentecTM assesses the situation and needs, makes the highest value and cost ratio plan. Improve the design with clients’ available budget. We train ourselves in providing reliable ice machines at any level of demands, and we are confident we can push the value we are delivering to the furthest edge.