Flake ice machine

In general, flake ice is irregular shaped 2.5-3mm thick sub-cooled flat ice flakes, largest piece can reach up to 80mm in diameter, and contains less than 1% water. Dryer gives it better quality in practice. it is rapid formed ice, best cooling media for all general cooling purposes in fishing industry, food and poultry processing, concrete batching, cold-bank air-conditioning, as well as snow making.

Flake ice making

Typical flake ice machine makes ice by 03 introducing water onto the 10 inner surface of evaporator, which conducts with low temperature refrigerant in its 02 passages. Ice is formed due to the temperature decreasing, then is scraped off by the 05 ice removal blade driven by a 04 gear 01 moter keeps it rotating about the 07 principle axis. Then the ice falls off through the 12 ice outlet, water which isn’t frozen into ice will be collected in the 13 recycle pan and flows back to the water tank for reuse through the 09 water outlet.

FahrentecTM flake ice does not require adding salt in all conditions.

FahrentecTM provides the vertical drum evaporation type flake ice machine, ranging from 500Kg/ day up to 50Ton/ day of single drum flake ice plant. Due to the benefit of modular design, 200Ton multiplied containerized flake ice plant is also available.

Standard features

  • Bitzer compressor as standard option- generates abundant compression power.
  • Invertor controlled gear motor- enables vari-speed rotation for different thickness flake ice.
  • Large touch screen- all system running status is displayed in animation, super intelligent.
  • 210C oven baked - multi-layer power finish is the promise of long life time and no corrosion.
  • Plug and play- ski-mounted complete system requires no installation, only connection of water and power.