FIFB010 1Ton commercial flake ice machine

FIFB010F automatic flake ice maker Bitzer compressor air cooling type

The Below2.5TM series flake ice machines is launched to deepen FahrentecTM’s practice of its technology in the commercial application or lower 2.5Ton/ day capacity range, even home use. It is therefore, the hygiene, easy operation, compact, Eco-friendly are the aspects it focuses on.

Copeland fully-hermetic reciprocating compressors, 380V/50Hz/3P, R404A, air cooling type are the standard option, customization is always available.

Dimension Machine Unit (L*W*Hmm) 1300×1000×935
Condensing Unit (L*W*Hmm) 980×257×460
Weight Machine Unit (Kgs) 380
Air Condenser (Kgs) 34
Total Install Power/ Amp (Kw/A) 4.9/8.69
Operating Power/ Amp Compressor (Kw/A) 3.52/6.12
Condenser (Kw/A) 0.42/0.84
Ice Scrap Axis Reducer (Kw/A) 0.12/0.24
Pump (Kw/A) 0.025/0.05
Total Operating Power/ Amp (Kw/A) 4.09/7.25
Water Consumption/Hour (Kg/H) 41.67
Ambient Temperature (°C) 35
Water Inlet Temperature (°C) 28
Refrigerating Capacity (Kw) 5.8
Condensing Capacity (Kw) 9.31
Evaporative Temperature (°C) -20
Condensing Temperature (°C) 42
Ice Made Temperature (°C) -5


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German Bitzer compressor with Danfoss valves Emerson components
1Ton daily flake ice makers undertaken over 48 hours group test before leaving
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Fahrentec flake ice is also perfect to make quality slurry ice
Super large flake ice made under 34C ambient temperature
Super thick stick to hand dry flake ice is top quality ice
All major electric components are from Schneider