Custom System

Custom refrigeration system

Fahrentec has rich experience in various project-developments such as glycol chiller, water chiller, snowmaking systems and concrete cooling systems. It is always in the position for providing it expertise and passion to custom design and fabricate refrigeration systems.

Recourses including technology, intelligence, facility, and people are often shared due to frequent cooperation with its business associates in the Chinese refrigeration community. FahrentecTM unitizes AutoCAD and 3D analog software to optimize the design, it also works closely with Tong Ji University and ClimavenetaTM

Concrete cooling systems

In large volume concrete pouring application, often the tremendous amount of heat are generated and yet it causes the severe shrinkage and warpage which leaves permanent cracks on the structure. This requires heavy duty and controllable cooling systems to maintain a constant low temperature of batched concrete.

FahrentecTM provides Containerized Flake Ice Machines that are easy to adapt to other modular, starts building the modularized Containerized Ice Storage Bin, Ice Delivery system, and Ice Weighing System. Intelligent central monitoring and controlling program manages tacit cooperation of modular.

Please consult our engineer for detailed information and design schemes.

Snow making systems

Thanks to the close cooperation with international snow making companies, FahrentecTM has repeated its success in the snow making industry since 2014 when it built the first ice and snow system at Mt. Cuihua Ski Resort in China. After years practice, now Fahrentec has delivered its mature and reliable ice and snow making system for the following projects:

2014 Mt. Cuihua ski resort Xi'an Shaanxi Province China.

2014 Mt. Dawei ski resort Liuyang Hunan Province China.

2015 Snow making system for Hangzhou Mercedes Benz Smart for Two grand luanch event.

2015 Three Bears ski-dome Changsha Hunan Province China.

2015 Swanbourge ski-dome Wenzhou Zhejiang Province China.

2015 Oslo Ski-field Luoyang Henan Province China.

2016 Four seasons ski-dome Xi'an China.

2016 Taohuaxueyuan ski-dome Changde Hunan Province China.

2016 Sida International indoor ski-centre Zunyi Guizhou Province China.

2016 Longfeng Vally ski- slope Changzhou Jiangsu Province China.

2016 Mt. Wugai Ski-resort Chenzhou Hunan Province China.

It has also participated in some pilot projects in Australia. Please refer to CASE STUDY.

CLICK HERE to watch Fahrentec snow making system video.