Block ice machine

Block ice is normally in rectangular shape, large weight. Due to the relatively small surface area, it is the best cooling material requires long preserve time and low melting rate. It can be produced and transported in long distance to operating site, and crushed by ICE CRUSHER before use.

Standard block ice sizes:

Block ice weight Block ice dimension
5Kg 120*100*460(L*W*Hmm)
10Kg 155*100*700(L*W*Hmm)
15Kg 185*125*700(L*W*Hmm)
20Kg 245*125*700(L*W*Hmm)
25Kg 315*125*700(L*W*Hmm)
50Kg 480*160*700(L*W*Hmm)

The blue coloured widths indicate different ice making period as the production rate is proportional to its width. Wider the block ice is, harder the refrigerating capacity can penetrate then longer time to freeze it.

It is therefore the following rules are applied:

100 indicates 4 production cycles each day, 6 hours per cycle.
125 indicates 3 production cycles each day, 8 hours per cycle.
160 indicates 2 production cycles each day, 12 hours per cycle.

Block ice making

Fresh water is filled in the stainless steel ice cans (08) ready for ice making, then placed in the brine chilling tank (09), where the brine fluids are circulated by the agitator (10), after chilled in the Titanium shell and tube condenser down to -13C, start transferring heat with the ice cans, so fresh water can be frozen into block ice. When ice are made, crane (05) lifts the ice cans and move it along the rail (01) to the ice thawing tank (06), then positioned in the ice doffing frame (04), flip and block ice slips out. Fresh water is refilled by the water feeding pipes (03) reposition the ice cans in the tank for next cycle.

In large submerge block ice plants, the conduction is located inside the brine chilling tank as the planted-in Titanium conduction coils are installed on the inner side of chilling tank. More efficient heat transfer enables large capacity block ice making in short ice making period.

Containerized block ice plant is also available per demand, below are the Max capacity of containerized block ice machine:

20’GP ISO ocean freight container: 6Ton
40’HQ ISO ocean freight container: 12Ton

Model Number Daily Capacity Power Supply Install Power
FIB030 3.0Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 14Kw
FIB050 5.0Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 25Kw
FIB100 10Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 50Kw
FIB150 15Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 75Kw
FIB200 20Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 105Kw
FIB300 20Ton 380V/50Hz/3P 150Kw