Assembling cold room

FahrentecTM utilizes the insulated sandwich panel for making any the assembling cold room of any size.

Due to the complete facility of sandwich panel manufacturing, FahrentecTM can produce panels with any thickness of insulation, and any size.

Standard FahrentecTM Sandwich panel:

Inner and outer wall is made of 1.5mm thick Zinc-rich colour panel. It is the best material for heat preservation. FahrentecTM uses food grade, rust-resistant colour panel.

Mid-layer insulation filling is the 97mm PU foam of 42Kg/CBM best quality for heat insulation and extra strong for structure support.


FahrentecTM will design and engineer the cold room per clients’ requirement of capacity, size, operating temperature, Etc. Once the panel, structure and components are made and ready, FahrentecTM packages them in cardboard box to send along with video of installation. Simple and easy, 2 staffs can complete installing every 10CBM in 20 minutes.

Air-conditioning system is also available per clients’ request.