FIT300 30Ton daily automatic tube ice machine

30T Tube Ice Machine

FahrentecTM FT series tube ice machine is the concentration of years manufacturing experience and the most advanced technology. With developed and modified product range, it has become the ultimate solution for tube ice needs in catering, hospitality and retailing ice distribution. It is perfect to provide human-consumable ice for high volumes needs such as festivals, concerts, airlines and large scale events.

We currently offer the below standard tube ice specification:

Tube Diameter
Metric 22mm, 29mm, 35mm
British 7/8”, 1 1/8”, 1 3/8”

Length of tube ice can be controlled only upon customers’ requested range. Otherwise our standard option is 28-35mm.

  • Food grade SUS304 Stainless steel evaporator produces safe to eat ice
  • Fine oven baked powder finish extensive the use life to maximum
  • Bitzer reciprocating compressors equipped full product line
  • Full welding stainless steel ice cutter contributes to strong ice cutting mechanism
  • SKF Teflon bearings of ice cutter keep the lubrication away from use
  • Voltage lowering start up over all models with motors larger than 7.5Kw
  • Real plug and play when water and power are introduced
  • Chinese Quality Bureau licensed evaporator with pressure vessel certificate
    Total Install Power/ Amp (Kw/A) 130
    Total Operating Power/ Amp (Kw/A) 104.6
    Water Consumption/Hour (Kg/H) 1344.23
    Ambient Temperature (°C) 40
    Water Inlet Temperature (°C) 28
    Evaporative Temperature (°C) -20
    Condensing Temperature (°C) 42
    Ice Made Temperature (°C) -5